The GradGate Book

Why you are more employable than you think!

The GradGate

From Yousef Shadid (Author)

Why you are more employable than you think!

Ever wondered why some graduates spend weeks or months looking for a job post-graduation while others get multiple jobs offers much earlier in their degree?

The GradGate takes you through the graduate journey. It explains how a graduate’s employability is developed right from their very first day on campus up until they land their first graduate job.

Complete with valuable insights from successful professionals and industry leaders, this book outlines clear actions for both students and graduates to help them land their dream roles.

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"If you apply what is recommended in the book, believe me, that could save you time!"

Ana Agudelo

" it’s the book I’d wanted to have at the side of my bed during my whole university degree journey."

Tatiana Copello

"This book was so good that I took longer time to read it and reflect. In fact, I read it twice."

Faymie Li

The GradGate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! As a matter of fact 3 out of the 4 chapters in the book discuss ways in which you can be employable BEFORE you graduate. 

While this book focuses on graduates, it covers job-seeking strategies in great detail with specific advice on Resumes, Interviews, LinkedIn and more! 

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