Do You Never Hear Back from Employers?

 Sick of studying another diploma “just for the visa”? Tired of doing casual jobs?
Lost count of the applications you have sent?
It’s not you, it’s your resume!

Send the Perfect Resume

Only about 2% of sent resumes get an interview call. The ATS filters most of them because they do not match the exact job criteria. Those that survive the ATS go to a human screener who has on average only 6 seconds to read each of them.

The smallest mistake may cause the time-poor gatekeeper to throw your CV into the discard bin. 

Don’t worry. Getting your dream job in Australia is easier than you think, even if you are an international student or have no experience

But, you have to make sure you are sending the perfect resume. With GradShip Resume Review, you can!

Start Getting Interviews!

We review the resume and send you a personalised resume feedback video, so you can stop wasting any more time and get your first interview. You will get: 


How it works


Upload your latest resume

Upload your most recent resume as a PDF or a word document and provide us the link to your LinkedIn profile.


Fill in your job search & payment details

Let us know the context of your job search and any key points you’d like us to consider in our review.


Connect with us on LinkedIn

After a brief phone call, look out for our connection request as your consultant will reach out to you via LinkedIn.


Receive your feedback video within 1-3 business days

You will get a link to your resume review video and the relevant resume documents based on your industry.


Action your feedback or let us write your brand new resume

Action our detailed feedback directly on your resume, or let us write a brand new one with a job guarantee.


Get an interview or a FULL REFUND

All of our written resumes come with a guarantee. So if you don’t get an interview within 60 days, you are eligible for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never heard of GradShip! Does this actually work?

300+ 5-star reviews don’t lie! Check out what hundreds of clients say about us here.

I don't have LinkedIn, can I submit my resume?

Yes you can! We will send your feedback via email and attach a LinkedIn Guide for your reference. 

Do you help international students?

We sure do! As a matter of fact, around 80% of all submitted resumes are from international students!

Can you write my Resume for me?

We sure can! Please refer to resume writing page here

What fields do you cover?

While we cover all fields, most of our clients have come from EngineeringBusiness / ConsultingData and IT backgrounds. 

Our clients have found work in

ANZ Bank
Tata Consultancy Services
John Holland
City of Melbourne
Victoria Racing Club
Bapt care
HDR Engineering
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