Employability Workshops

If you need local experience to get a job, but you still need a job to get experience, then our workshops are for you!

Who are these workshop for?

For fresh graduates

If you have graduated recently, applied for tens or hundreds of jobs only to get the rejection email weeks later or worse yet never hear back, this workshop is for you!

For international students

If you are an international student feeling like you are disadvantaged in the Australian market, will share specific strategies and tips to address that.

Students without experience

If you are still studying and started your job search journey without experience, will show you how to overcome it and why it doesn’t matter as much as you think.

What’s included in the employability workshops

Resume Learning Objectives
  1. Students are able to assess the resume relevance to the job.
  2. Students are able to be select and refine the right key words for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  3. Students are able to understand the importance of transferable skills, and how to present such skills in the resume.
  4. Students are able to recognise the key soft & hard skills in their field, and describe them using action-based verbs.
  5. Students are able to express their work experience in a succinct and professional manner to make it relevant, readable and reviewed.
  6. Students are able to write both resumes and cover letters that are tailored to the target position.
Interview Learning Objectives
  1. Students are able to conduct and address a professional interview.
  2. Students are able to address behaviour questions in the STAR format.
  3. Students are able to express themselves in terms of skills as opposed to studies.
  4. Students are able to understand the interview essentials in the wider Australian corporate culture.
  5. Students are able to identify and avoid common interview mistakes.
Networking Learning Objectives
  1. Students are able to understand the importance of both quantity and quality in networking.
  2. Students are able to identify the extent of their current network and grow it accordingly.
  3. Students are able to identify networking opportunities in their current degree.
  4. Students are able to learn from their mentors and seek advice where applicable.
  5. Students are able to activate several networking strategies on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Learning Objectives
  1. Students are able to complete their LinkedIn in a clear and professional manner.
  2. Students are able to appreciate the reach of LinkedIn and activate such professional networks.
  3. Students are able to express their transferable skills on their LinkedIn.
  4. Students are able to identify and avoid common LinkedIn mistakes.
  5. Students are able to relate their current projects and studies to their LinkedIn profile.
  6. Students are able to utilise LinkedIn for both personal and professional branding.
  7. Students are able to identify job opportunities in the hidden market.
  8. Students are able to initiate conversations and meetings through their LinkedIn network.

Don't just take our word for it!

See what universities and educational institutes say about us…

National Careers Manager @ Kaplan Business School


“I have worked with Yousef on a variety of projects spanning higher education, careers services, and employability. He is incredibly passionate about innovative careers education practice, policy, and initiatives to remove barriers for international students in Australia who are navigating current and future careers. I look forward to collaboratively working on projects together in the years to come.”

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Senior Lecturer @ La Trobe University


“I contacted Yousef via LinkedIn to invite him to be on my Human Resources Development subject ‘talk show’. Yousef obliged and during the ‘talk show’ I was amazed with his ADVANCED knowledge and skills on the Graduate Program – a training program offered to graduates by prominent Australian organisations. He has good articulation skills and addressed all the questions posed to him promptly.”

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Lead Podcaster @ The First Step Ever


“I had the opportunity to interview Yousef, a young and goal driven individual, for my podcast, My First Step Ever. He is a humble and perspective person. I was most impressed by his vast knowledge on Graduate programs and employability tips (that really works, btw!). Yousef, is an experienced consultant and this trickles down well in his conversations and clam demeanour. Well, in-short, he is a great to guy to catch-up with and discuss all things graduate employability!”

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General Manager @ Insider Guides


“I have had the pleasure of working with Yousef a number of times on various projects through Insider Guides. He has been an incredible addition to our live webinars, with an innate ability to connect with our student audience, with practical, learned advice and support for them.”

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Operations Manager @ United Spanish Center


“Thanks so very much for the delivery of 3 exceptional employability workshops to International students of spanish speaking background. Yousef’s professionalism, flexibility and his genuine desire to support people’s growth really shone through. Based on student feedback, the workshops were of a high calibre, exceptionally delivered and all attendees appreciated the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by Yousef. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Yousef and I highly recommend GradShip to anyone seeking to gain employment in their field of expertise.”

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 Lead Coordinator @ The Couch Int'l Center


“GradShip focuses on enhancing graduates’ employability by running workshops about personal branding on LinkedIn. The Couch hosted an employment session by GradShip and its Founder Yousef Shadid who explained the power of networking and how to stand out on LinkedIn and improve your profile and its appearing on jobs search.”
Students learned how to manage their LinkedIn profiles and what each section means for their personal branding. Yousef used a real profile to show attendees what to write in a simple way and explained the reasons of each information provided during the workshop.”

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Career Advisor @ Kaplan Business School


 “GradShip is a driven and progressive education consulting company that encourages, challenges, and empowers international students to develop into their best selves for better career, lifestyle and enriching diverse community results. Through our Kaplan Business School Management Consulting and Resume writing workshops, we have very much enjoyed working with Yousef. 

Our workshop collaborations have always been delivered with the utmost professionalism, specific market insight, and engaging student experience delivery. Looking forward to many more partnership opportunities and learnings together!!”

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 Sessional Teacher @ Victoria University


“GradShip has developed a range of seminars and workshops to help students be better prepared for the job market and professional environment. We had the opportunity to host Yousef Shadid at Victoria University. Yousef has done an amazing job developing interactive and up-to-date content by drawing on his expertise in graduate recruitment and development, professional services, and employability training. GradShip’s workshops are designed to complement technical training and support the transition from student life to the workplace.
Yousef provided our future engineers with a fun and informative session on networking. He provided the student with an insight to job market and highlighted the importance of networking. He provided tips and explained how to use LinkedIn as a powerful tool for professional development.”

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Employability Lead @ Swinburne University


“It was so great to have Yousef come to our Graduate Employment Expo in March 2022 at Swinburne University of Technology. We held this virtually and Yousef was our first Showcase presenter and speaker. He opened our 7 day long show with a very engaging and “hot” topic – Networking is Key – What does your networking look like? His presentation asked some excellent hard hitting questions like “can you get a job without ___ (network, work experience, resume etc.) and demonstrated how difficult or easy is it to move forward in your career with our without a network.
Students also loved Yousef’s excellent examples on Quality and Quantity Networking. He explained why it is important to “listen” and absorb information before saying anything. It was also quite interesting to hear him uncover “imposter syndrome” and how to approach public speaking or to “go for opportunities” and trust yourself before anyone else can put their trust in you.
Yousef also answered questions from students and staff about Mentoring (and how many of us underestimate it especially as a student or a recent graduate), introverts, LinkedIn connections, hidden places to network, common questions to ask at an event etc. Thank you Yousef for your contribution and sharing insights and tips with Swinburne University of Technology students and staff – it is always amazing to have you join us as a valued and popular Swinburne alum.”

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Yousef is the Founder of GradShip and the best-selling author of “The GradGate”. He has delivered hundreds of consultations, webinars and workshops to international students and graduates alike.

Due to his employability involvement, Yousef was named an Emerging Leader, and featured in the Top 50 Australian Professionals Magazine.

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Your Employability Options

Employability Workshop (Saturday Morning)

  • 3-hour intensive session

  • Workshop activities handbooks

  • Interview preparation questions

  • LinkedIn profile optimisation

  • Resume detailed review

  • Professional networking advice

  • Job application tips

  • GradShip exclusive membership


Save $89

Networking Night (Friday Evening)

  • 2-hour interactive session

  • Group networking activities

  • External industry speakers

  • Graduates & Int'l students networking

  • Free LinkedIn Shot

  • Food and drinks included


  • GradShip exclusive membership

GradShip Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with
the workshop, we guarantee a FULL REFUND!

1. If you engage in the employability workshop and don’t feel you have learnt something new you can use to better yourself, than you can get a 100% refund. We’ve been fine-tuning the workshop time after time so that graduates get the full value and return on the workshop.

2. If attending the employability workshop doesn’t make you more focussed, productive and resilient, let us know and we will give you a full refund. This workshop is designed to give you big and small wins that improve your happiness and confidence with your resume and job search – and we’re positive it can work for everyone.

This is how confident we are in the employability workshop! If any of these promises are not met, contact us after the workshop and you’ll get a FULL REFUND.

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GradShip HQ

25 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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