5 Ways To Get A Job At A Small Business!

5 Ways To Get A Job At A Small Business!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a graduate looking for a job. Naturally, you’d ask yourself “What’s so special about small businesses that’d prompt me to look for work there?”

In addition to the fact that 98% of businesses in Australia are small businesses (<20 employees), the benefits of working there include the easiness of getting a job in the first place, high business exposure, and increased work flexibility. We have addressed such benefits in detail here ‘3 Reasons You Should Work For A Small Business’

Now back to the question, how can you as a graduate find a job at small businesses? Here are a few ways:

1. Google small businesses

Of course, you already know how to Google things, as that’s what most people refer to when they’re ‘researching’. But let me suggest you another way to Google jobs: Mix the role type, the organisation, the industry, and the geography. The results will be more relevant to you that way. Such suggested search terms include:

“Business graduate roles Adelaide; IT entry-level jobs Sydney; Data analytics company Melbourne; Accounting paid internship Perth; Engineering boutique firm Brisbane; List of consulting companies Darwin; Automation analyst Canberra; Marketing internship sports Hobart… etc.”

The more mixing of the terms and scrolling down the page, the closer you will get to small businesses that you never knew existed.

2. Use LinkedIn filters

When you search for jobs on LinkedIn, it gives you a few filters in the options such as those that relate to the title, geography, or the role type. One particularly handy filter is the industry filter.

Try ticking the ‘Civil & Social Organization’, ‘Philanthropy’ and ‘Nonprofit Organization Management’ boxes in this filter. The results here will often consist of smaller employers.

Of course, that does not guarantee you find every small business, but you’d have a higher chance of matching with one there.

3. Go to clutch.co

As a disclaimer, this is not sponsored and we have no affiliation with this website, but we do find it extremely useful to find opportunities in small businesses.

It’s fairly straightforward, after choosing your industry, tick the ‘2-9’ and ’10-49’ filters in the ‘Agency Size’, then go to the individual companies’ website.

The advantage of this is that you can reach most decision-makers in only one message outlining your key skills and value on their website and often get prompt responses.

4. Ask around your network

Obviously, this is back to the basics, but it works. Small businesses often don’t have lots the resources or the need to advertise for roles, which means they would rely on referrals and word-of-mouth for hiring.

There is absolutely no shame in telling your network, be it friends, family, colleagues, or professionals in the industry that you are looking for a job. 

Of course, do not bring it up every single time you meet someone, as that will be just annoying! But if the people in your network do not know that you are looking for a job, then you are definitely missing out on lots of small business opportunities.

5. Get creative!

There’s no real science to this one, but thinking outside the box and looking in unique places can lead you to opportunities that you won’t typically see advertised. 

Examples of this include offering your time as a volunteer, looking for project-based roles on campus, free trials, or even finding a job post in a Facebook group.

Creativity has no limits, so the more creative you are, the better your chances will be in securing that job!

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