5 Things You Should Know To Get A Graduate Job!

5 Things You Should Know To Get A Graduate Job!

If you’re a recent graduate, and your routine involves applying to tens of jobs every day on Seek and LinkedIn without much luck, keep reading!

You see, while applying to jobs this way is not always a bad practice, getting your first job requires a bit more than spreading few resumes around the place and hoping for the best. Here are 5 things you should know:

1. You need a good resume

Regardless of how you end up knowing about the opportunity, the hiring manager would expect you to have your resume handy. with so much competition now, an average resume simply won’t get you far. 

So what makes a good resume? It’s a resume that is Relevant, Readable, and Reviewed. If your resume doesn’t pass the 3 R’s test, you might be wasting your time.

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2. Activate your current network

You probably heard how important networking is for you and your career, but have you ever assessed your current network? One of the most common misconceptions graduates have is the belief that their networks are small.

To counter this, I would ask you how many groups are you currently part of? Religious & cultural groups, uni groups, sporting groups are just some of those examples. Add to that your flatmates and family friends, and you’ll soon realise that you know more people than you think.

Even if you do not directly get a job from such contacts, you should start working on strengthening such networks, not only expanding them (And definitely add those connections on LinkedIn).

3. A good LinkedIn profile is a must

Before you continue reading, I want you to go and Google your name. What did you find? Was your LinkedIn profile the first or the second result?

The point is clear here, updating your LinkedIn profile to make it a professional one is not optional anymore, as it’ll certainly be coming up when your potential employer is checking. 

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4. Small businesses want you!

While you’re putting most of your efforts into applying for big companies, you should keep in mind that according to the Australian Government stats, small businesses (<20 employees) account for around 98% of businesses in Australia!

When you apply to such small businesses, not only are you facing less competition from other graduates, but you’re also going through a relatively straightforward process to get hired, as opposed to the lengthy one in the big companies.

Think about it, if you really want to work for a big company, you still have a whole career ahead of you, and there will be several opportunities for you to join as a lateral hire. Your first job is not your last!

5. It comes down to self-belief

You’re most likely an expert in those emails containing “We regret to inform you…” or “Due to the high number of applicants…”. Of course, rejection is never a good feeling, but you should also remember that  every rejection puts you a step closer to getting that job.

Come to think of it, if you stop believing that you’re worthy and capable of getting a job, how do you expect an employer that’s yet to know you to do so? 

So let’s get the right mindset and soldier on, you’re more employable than you think!

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