3 Reasons You Should Work For A Small Business

3 Reasons You Should Work For A Small Business

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a graduate looking for a job. Naturally, you’d ask yourself “Why should I work for a small business” or “What’s so special about small businesses that’d prompt me to look for work there?”

As mentioned in my earlier post ‘5 Things You Should Know To Get A Graduate Job’, if you’re currently only applying to big companies, you are missing 98% of the market (Yes you read that right!). 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that small businesses (employing <20 employees) make around 98% of all businesses in Australia

While larger NGOs and other community organisations can provide a similar setting for entry-level jobs to those in small businesses, there are 3 direct benefits of working for a small business:

1. Increased flexibility

This is especially important for post-COVID. Now more than ever, graduates and jobseekers see job flexibility as more of an expectation as opposed to a perk.

Of course, this is not to say those big companies don’t offer flexible arrangements, but generally speaking, this has been the case in small businesses long before the pandemic hit.

Such flexibility includes different starting and finishing times, business and casual attire choices, days off, and alternative work arrangements. 

This is particularly the case where most employees are friends outside work and such flexible requests become easier to arrange.

2. Higher business exposure

If you’re working in a small business, in most cases you’d have more autonomy over your role as opposed to big companies.

While you’ll know the basics to do your job, your manager is likely to delegate more responsibilities to you than what you expected of the role, which would mean more challenges and learnings involved.

This is an advantage for two reasons. First, the transferable skills that you will get from working in other projects and departments would make you an attractive candidate for future employers (i.e. more employable).

Second, the exposure you’ll have to how a small business is run from within the organisation gives you ‘business experience’, which will allow you to use such knowledge in starting your own business in the future, if that’s your ultimate goal.

3. Easier to get a job

Think about it, you’re most likely here because you already graduated and need a job now, not in a few months’ time!

The advantage of applying for a small business is that most of them don’t need you to do months of online interviews and assessment centres, as the recruitment process is over within weeks if not days!

Another reason why it’s easier to get a job at a small business is that there are fewer graduates applying for them, therefore statistically you’re more likely to get a job there due to less competition from other candidates.

Unsure where to find such jobs? See ‘5 Ways To Get A Job At A Small Business’


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